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Chin Correction

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We use hyaluronic acid to correct and improve a chin that may be deviated, retracted, or underdeveloped. Filling in the aged areas we will achieve harmonic and symmetrical features with natural and simple results.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are safe, resorbable and biocompatible substances that help hydrate and give volume, achieving 100% natural and harmonious results. It is a non-surgical, painless, and outpatient procedure.


It is a simple method, with minimal discomfort, it can be infiltrated with very fine needles or cannulas. The amount of product to be administered will depend on the needs of each patient and the doctor's instructions.

The results are usually perceived immediately. Due to the efficacy and speed of this treatment, the daily routine can be resumed at the end. The effects last for approximately 12 months. With this procedure we can improve the facial contour and obtain the shape of the chin desired by the patient.

*Deep fillers such as chin, cheek bone and jawline last 1-2 years because they are very dense, sometimes after a year it is retouched a little and if the person has lost, or continues, to lose weight, they may need a retouch before the year. 

Time = 60 minutes

Result = Immediate

Anesthesia = Yes

Post Treatment = Ice pack

Review = After 15 days

Duration = 12 months, it depends on the person, the area, product, lifestyle.*

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