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Dark Circles Correction

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Correcting dark circles with hyaluronic acid is an ideal treatment to improve the tired appearance of the eyes, in addition to restoring vitality to the eye contour. These fillers are safe, biocompatible and biodegradable materials.

They are used to correct and improve the depressions that appear under the eyes, causing the sad and aged appearance of the look. It is a non-surgical, painless and outpatient procedure, with which it is possible to redensify the skin, stimulate collagen production and improve texture and hydration.

Thanks to the various types of resorbable facial fillers we can achieve immediate, 100% natural and harmonious results.

Time:  60 min

Immediate Result

Anesthesia:  Yes, depending on the areas

Post-treatment:  Not necessary

Review:  After 15 days

Duration:  6-12 months, it depends on the person, the area, product, lifestyle.


It is a simple, fast method and with minimal inconvenience; it can be infiltrated with very fine needles or cannulas. Depending on the product and the patient, topical or infiltrated anesthesia will be used.

Small infiltrations of Hyaluronic Acid are made in the lower eyelid, eliminating the sagging and improving the area. The results are usually immediate, although the treatment itself can cause mild inflammation; the product needs at least 15 days to fully settle to the fabric.

It is important a medical check-up and the use of sun protection of at least 30 SPF.

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